It’s a creamy chocolate gem to be enjoyed.

They are small joys that can be enjoyed whenever you wish, while reading a book, while at the computer, and with your friends. They are small chocolates with Bavarian cream filling covered with a sweetened and flavored raspberry gela­tin.

Despite everything, I’m happy with my result; I say that I was home last week because my children had this flu that knocked out most of Pennsylvania for about a week despite the vaccinations. To improve it, I also got sick, and I still feel a bit congested.

I had promised myself that I would post a dessert for you guys on Valentine’s Day.

And that promise is a raspberry cake with lemon-flavored Bavarian cream.

And then?

Well, I tried to do it in those days of that bitter week.

It was a natural disaster. I could hardly make the cream, but the one I did make was pretty good. The raspberry gelatin, which I finally mastered after many attempts because I forgot to solidify the gelatin, was finally done. The short-crust pastry burned because I left it inside the oven, but fortunately, the glaze did not suffer.

I assembled everything and put it in the freezer. After three hours, I was ready to glaze the cake, perfect it, and prepare everything. I took the cake out of the freezer, removed it from the mold, and placed it on the grill to glaze.

With the appropriate spatula, I removed it from the grill, but then I dropped the cake. Uuuggghhhh! I wanted to scream!

A Creamy Chocolate Gem

I knew I shouldn’t have set foot in the kitchen that day. I was sick, but I wanted to get up and do something!

After that, I didn’t even open the door to the kitchen for a good couple of days; I closed the door, took a book, and just sprawled myself on the couch.

Luckily, I made extra Bavarian cream before the fiasco. I couldn’t wait to improve and make these gems with you, so here I am!

A Creamy Chocolate Gem

A Creamy Chocolate Gem

Prep Time 20 mins Total Time 20 mins Difficulty: Intermediate Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


A Creamy Chocolate Gem is a small chocolate with Bavarian cream filling covered with a sweetened and flavored raspberry gela­tin.


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Bavarian (Bavarese) Cream

Raspberry Puree

Raspberry Jelly

Chocolate and Mascarpone Cream


Bavarian Cream

    • Soak the gelatin in cold water for more than 15 minutes.
    • Slightly beat the egg yolks with sugar and avoid making bubbles.
    • Pour the milk into the eggs and cook up to 82°C (179.6°F).
    • Add the squeezed gelatin and mix well until all is dissolved. After filtering with a colander, let it cool.
    • In the meantime, whip the cream and gently incorporate it into the compost that has been cooled to 30°C (86°F).

Raspberry Puree

    • Put the raspberries in a saucepan with the sugar, stir until the syrup is formed, remove from the heat, and blend with an immersion blender.
    • Add a few drops of lemon and filter.

Raspberry Jelly

    • Hydrate the gelatin with cold water for 10-15 minutes.
    • Heat the Raspberry Puree in a saucepan with the sugar and mix until the sugar melts.
    • Add the hydrated and squeezed gelatin to the puree and mix until it dissolves.

Chocolate and Mascarpone Cream

    • Dissolve the dark chocolate in a bain-marie.
    • Whip the cream with the powdered sugar.
    • Add the mascarpone cheese, continuing to whip.
    • Mix the mascarpone cream with the melted chocolate until you get a homogeneous mix.


    • Scoop the Bavarian cream and the melted chocolate into two piping bags and fill a 6-square silicone cake baking mold.
    • Freeze for 3-5 hours.
    • After, dip the square of frozen chocolate and Bavarian cream inside the raspberry jelly, still liquid, and leave it to solidify for a while.


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