A summertime Sicilian dessert. Gelo di Melone is a watermelon pudding based on flavored juice and pistachios. It is delicious and very refreshing.

Gelo di Melone

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A Refreshing Sicilian Gelo di Melone

Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 15 mins Total Time 25 mins Difficulty: Beginner Best Season: Summer


Gelo di Melone is a traditional Sicilian dessert made from watermelon. It's a refreshing and light treat, perfect for hot summer days. Here's a simple recipe to make Gelo di Melone:


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    • Pass watermelon pulp through a food mill to obtain 1 liter of juice. 7—Garnish with Jasmine blossoms, pistachio, or grated chocolate before serving.
    • Filter it to remove pulp and seeds.
    • Pour the juice into a saucepan with brown sugar, cornstarch, Jasmine blossoms, and the cinnamon stick.
    • Heat the mixture, stirring constantly until it becomes thick.
    • Remove the mixture from the stove and remove the Jasmine blossoms and cinnamon stick.
    • Pour the mixture into the cup with a layer of pistachio grains covering the bottom and then leave it to cool completely.
    • Before serving, garnish with some Jasmine blossoms or mini chocolate chips.
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